Traffic Worth Sitting In

One of the prevailing themes throughout all of the research conducted on Pinterest and its positive uses is its undeniable success with network referral. It has not only allowed long-term social engagement and interaction with consumers within the site, but has also helped increase the traffic to the home-pages of the brand. It stands second to Facebook as the top social networking site for driving … Continue reading Traffic Worth Sitting In


Fitspiration, a relatively new social media trend focused on promoting overall health and fitness has recently become a new, popular phenomenon when searching online on ways to improve your overall fitness. Fitspiration messages often appear on many different social media platforms, especially Pinterest. The image-oriented platform provides messages that are supposed to be encouraging; however, some viewers take the information personally, viewing the images as unrealistic, … Continue reading Fitspiration

Your Ideal Destination Awaits

Pinterest plays a key role in people’s lives when it comes to the process of making travel decisions. Restaurants, festivals, popular venues, or any popular tourist destinations all gain popularity from the web with their compelling visuals. Pinterest, unlike other social media platforms, plays into the future. Its soul purpose is not to look back on what you’ve done, but what you aspire to do. There … Continue reading Your Ideal Destination Awaits

Pin Your Dream Home

Imagine looking at a dirty, rustic white door for the past three years, wondering when you would have the courage to approach it with a pair of fresh eyes. One might look for help at a furniture store or a Home-Depot, but another consumer may want look deeper, searching for their ideal type of decor that would specifically suit them. Pinterest has access to thousands of ideas … Continue reading Pin Your Dream Home

Why Separation Can Lead to Success

The constantly changing and evolving technologies of the 21st century allow for users to pick and choose what they want. From the sites they choose to shop on, the places they share information, and the platforms that connect them to millions of other users, the consumer is the main concern for advertising professionals. When it comes to spending your dollar in a place where you … Continue reading Why Separation Can Lead to Success

Reach and Audience

One of the biggest factors when creating an online presence as a marketer, is knowing the statistics behind the platform. Knowing the popularity of the platform, the demographic of users, and the frequency at which those users visit the site, are helpful when weighing out the pros and cons of utilizing a specific platform for advertising.   Pinterest is a well-known social media platform in … Continue reading Reach and Audience