Pinterest Builds Brand Loyalty

Pinterest does a great job at allowing brands to connect with existing consumers by helping to continually expand and advance the established relationship. This helps businesses see the transformation that an average consumer goes through to result in them evolving into a brand loyal consumer. A recent study by Deloitte just shows how much having a digital and mobile presence, such as a Pinterest account, affects … Continue reading Pinterest Builds Brand Loyalty

Beauty-ful Pins

By now, marketers have seen the effects Pinterest has had on consumers and the stickiness the website has created for many companies. Brand messages have shown that not only are they viewed, but they are also saved, pinned, and bought shortly after. Whether online or in stores, users are following up on pins, and with advertising on Pinterest, inspiring people and bringing their own ideas to … Continue reading Beauty-ful Pins

L.L. Bean Perfects Pinterest

With Pinterest’s user base being estimated to have surpassed the 100 million-user mark, online retailers of all categories have started to incorporate Pinterest as a platform for branding their company and building brand loyalty. 80% of Pinterest’s American users are women, making this site a valuable advertising tool for high-end fashion retailers such as Chanel or Tory Burch. However, companies like L.L. Bean have shown … Continue reading L.L. Bean Perfects Pinterest

UNIQLO’s Unique Marketing

When planning to market on Pinterest, or any of the other platforms that make up the wild west that is the internet, there is far less history and example data to draw from than there is for older media, such as radio or television. Effective methods for advertising online retain the same basic principles of advertising in any other way, but they must be adapted … Continue reading UNIQLO’s Unique Marketing

Bringing Stores Online

Another way to use Pinterest is through retail consumer advertising. Brands are reaching out to social media influencers to promote their brands.  It’s the best form of advertising.  They will send the influencer their product and they will use or wear their products and review them, or feature them in their posts.  For example, Lauren Middledorf, runs a very successful blog called It’s All Good … Continue reading Bringing Stores Online

Picturing Paradise

In today’s day in age the Internet is the primary source of information about all the different types of traveling dos and don’ts. Prospective tourists are becoming more and more influenced by photos of all aspects of future vacations on social networking sites (SNSs), as opposed to just destination marketing organizations (DMOs) websites. Perceived images are shared by tourists on sites such as Pinterest and influence … Continue reading Picturing Paradise