Traffic Worth Sitting In

One of the prevailing themes throughout all of the research conducted on Pinterest and its positive uses is its undeniable success with network referral. It has not only allowed long-term social engagement and interaction with consumers within the site, but has also helped increase the traffic to the home-pages of the brand. It stands second to Facebook as the top social networking site for driving … Continue reading Traffic Worth Sitting In

Looking Forward- Pinterest’s Advertising Features

In the grand scheme, Pinterest is still fresh and new as an advertising platform. It’s only been selling ads since 2014, which is a far cry from how long titans like Google and Facebook have been advertising for. In the intervening years; however, Pinterest has begun putting in the work necessary to start their catch up, and the results have already started to appear. In … Continue reading Looking Forward- Pinterest’s Advertising Features

UNIQLO’s Unique Marketing

When planning to market on Pinterest, or any of the other platforms that make up the wild west that is the internet, there is far less history and example data to draw from than there is for older media, such as radio or television. Effective methods for advertising online retain the same basic principles of advertising in any other way, but they must be adapted … Continue reading UNIQLO’s Unique Marketing

Travel Planning with Pinterest

When social media platforms are boiled down to their core, most ultimately turn out to have the same goals, express the same things, but each just differs in its delivery. It’s about the now, about what the user has, and about what the user is doing. Pinterest; however, is different. Pinterest is about the future. It’s about the user’s hopes, their dreams and their goals. … Continue reading Travel Planning with Pinterest

Pin at Home for the Holidays

As holidays approach, people are often left at a loss for how to prepare. What gifts do I buy? What decorations do I want? Often, it’s difficult to know where to start, but anyone that uses Pinterest knows exactly where to go. An astounding 93% of users rely on the platform for planning and purchasing, and 67% insist on its necessity in preparing for holiday shopping … Continue reading Pin at Home for the Holidays

Search Advertising

What is it that really sets Pinterest apart from other social media platforms, in the eye of the advertiser? Sure, trends and posts spread fast with the re-pinning feature, but Facebook and Twitter have sharing features that are just as effective, don’t they? Maybe it’s the personal boards and power-users that have promotional ability above the typical user? Then again, maybe not. Sites like YouTube … Continue reading Search Advertising

Reach and Audience

One of the biggest factors when creating an online presence as a marketer, is knowing the statistics behind the platform. Knowing the popularity of the platform, the demographic of users, and the frequency at which those users visit the site, are helpful when weighing out the pros and cons of utilizing a specific platform for advertising.   Pinterest is a well-known social media platform in … Continue reading Reach and Audience