Pinterest Builds Brand Loyalty

Pinterest does a great job at allowing brands to connect with existing consumers by helping to continually expand and advance the established relationship. This helps businesses see the transformation that an average consumer goes through to result in them evolving into a brand loyal consumer. A recent study by Deloitte just shows how much having a digital and mobile presence, such as a Pinterest account, affects … Continue reading Pinterest Builds Brand Loyalty

L.L. Bean Perfects Pinterest

With Pinterest’s user base being estimated to have surpassed the 100 million-user mark, online retailers of all categories have started to incorporate Pinterest as a platform for branding their company and building brand loyalty. 80% of Pinterest’s American users are women, making this site a valuable advertising tool for high-end fashion retailers such as Chanel or Tory Burch. However, companies like L.L. Bean have shown … Continue reading L.L. Bean Perfects Pinterest

UNIQLO’s Unique Marketing

When planning to market on Pinterest, or any of the other platforms that make up the wild west that is the internet, there is far less history and example data to draw from than there is for older media, such as radio or television. Effective methods for advertising online retain the same basic principles of advertising in any other way, but they must be adapted … Continue reading UNIQLO’s Unique Marketing

Pinterest Takes Flight

Pack your bags because Pinterest just got a lot more useful!  Advertising on Pinterest is not solely for products, it can also be used to promote services.  Advertisers and marketers are starting to realize that Pinterest is being used for major life planning, which requires these specific services.  Users turn to Pinterest to create a space where all of their hopes and dreams can be … Continue reading Pinterest Takes Flight

Pin at Home for the Holidays

As holidays approach, people are often left at a loss for how to prepare. What gifts do I buy? What decorations do I want? Often, it’s difficult to know where to start, but anyone that uses Pinterest knows exactly where to go. An astounding 93% of users rely on the platform for planning and purchasing, and 67% insist on its necessity in preparing for holiday shopping … Continue reading Pin at Home for the Holidays

Wedding Pinspiration

When people think of Pinterest, the first thing that usually comes to mind is wedding planning.  Pinterest has become the online version of flipping through magazines and ripping out pages for inspiration.  Now, women all across the world are using it to bookmark their wedding ideas all in one place.  An advantage that Pinterest capitalizes on is that it is completely personalized.  Each board tells … Continue reading Wedding Pinspiration