Your Ideal Destination Awaits

Pinterest plays a key role in people’s lives when it comes to the process of making travel decisions. Restaurants, festivals, popular venues, or any popular tourist destinations all gain popularity from the web with their compelling visuals. Pinterest, unlike other social media platforms, plays into the future. Its soul purpose is not to look back on what you’ve done, but what you aspire to do. There … Continue reading Your Ideal Destination Awaits

Travel Planning with Pinterest

When social media platforms are boiled down to their core, most ultimately turn out to have the same goals, express the same things, but each just differs in its delivery. It’s about the now, about what the user has, and about what the user is doing. Pinterest; however, is different. Pinterest is about the future. It’s about the user’s hopes, their dreams and their goals. … Continue reading Travel Planning with Pinterest

Pinterest Takes Flight

Pack your bags because Pinterest just got a lot more useful!  Advertising on Pinterest is not solely for products, it can also be used to promote services.  Advertisers and marketers are starting to realize that Pinterest is being used for major life planning, which requires these specific services.  Users turn to Pinterest to create a space where all of their hopes and dreams can be … Continue reading Pinterest Takes Flight

Picturing Paradise

In today’s day in age the Internet is the primary source of information about all the different types of traveling dos and don’ts. Prospective tourists are becoming more and more influenced by photos of all aspects of future vacations on social networking sites (SNSs), as opposed to just destination marketing organizations (DMOs) websites. Perceived images are shared by tourists on sites such as Pinterest and influence … Continue reading Picturing Paradise