Search Advertising

What is it that really sets Pinterest apart from other social media platforms, in the eye of the advertiser? Sure, trends and posts spread fast with the re-pinning feature, but Facebook and Twitter have sharing features that are just as effective, don’t they? Maybe it’s the personal boards and power-users that have promotional ability above the typical user? Then again, maybe not. Sites like YouTube … Continue reading Search Advertising

Why Separation Can Lead to Success

The constantly changing and evolving technologies of the 21st century allow for users to pick and choose what they want. From the sites they choose to shop on, the places they share information, and the platforms that connect them to millions of other users, the consumer is the main concern for advertising professionals. When it comes to spending your dollar in a place where you … Continue reading Why Separation Can Lead to Success

Reach and Audience

One of the biggest factors when creating an online presence as a marketer, is knowing the statistics behind the platform. Knowing the popularity of the platform, the demographic of users, and the frequency at which those users visit the site, are helpful when weighing out the pros and cons of utilizing a specific platform for advertising.   Pinterest is a well-known social media platform in … Continue reading Reach and Audience

Pinterest Versatility

Pinterest comes across as a simplistic platform, a platform where users can introduce, curate, and share their interests. The feature of having the ability to either like or re-pin content gives the viewers options. The flexibility of this platform gives users a space where they don’t necessarily feel pressured to keep a constant feed, but can if that’s what their objective is. Does the user … Continue reading Pinterest Versatility