All-Purpose Pinterest

Brands are always looking for the newest, greatest platform to advertise on and with the competition so fierce, each platform plans strategically on how their platform will supersede others. Pinterest, an app that first launched in 2010, was purely built on sharing photos, learning new DIY crafts, and inspiring others through visual content; however, Pinterest actually has endless purposes. Pinterest can be even used as … Continue reading All-Purpose Pinterest


Fitspiration, a relatively new social media trend focused on promoting overall health and fitness has recently become a new, popular phenomenon when searching online on ways to improve your overall fitness. Fitspiration messages often appear on many different social media platforms, especially Pinterest. The image-oriented platform provides messages that are supposed to be encouraging; however, some viewers take the information personally, viewing the images as unrealistic, … Continue reading Fitspiration

Your Ideal Destination Awaits

Pinterest plays a key role in people’s lives when it comes to the process of making travel decisions. Restaurants, festivals, popular venues, or any popular tourist destinations all gain popularity from the web with their compelling visuals. Pinterest, unlike other social media platforms, plays into the future. Its soul purpose is not to look back on what you’ve done, but what you aspire to do. There … Continue reading Your Ideal Destination Awaits

Pin Your Dream Home

Imagine looking at a dirty, rustic white door for the past three years, wondering when you would have the courage to approach it with a pair of fresh eyes. One might look for help at a furniture store or a Home-Depot, but another consumer may want look deeper, searching for their ideal type of decor that would specifically suit them. Pinterest has access to thousands of ideas … Continue reading Pin Your Dream Home

Pinterest Versatility

Pinterest comes across as a simplistic platform, a platform where users can introduce, curate, and share their interests. The feature of having the ability to either like or re-pin content gives the viewers options. The flexibility of this platform gives users a space where they don’t necessarily feel pressured to keep a constant feed, but can if that’s what their objective is. Does the user … Continue reading Pinterest Versatility