Pinterest – The Total Package

One of the greatest advantages of using Pinterest to present a brand’s message and advertise to the public, is that this platform opens a door of interactivity.  After looking through multiple case studies of either a company or an individual’s experiences using Pinterest, there is no doubt that it is a completely integrated strategy.  Both small businesses and large corporate companies can utilize Pinterest in … Continue reading Pinterest – The Total Package

Bringing Stores Online

Another way to use Pinterest is through retail consumer advertising. Brands are reaching out to social media influencers to promote their brands.  It’s the best form of advertising.  They will send the influencer their product and they will use or wear their products and review them, or feature them in their posts.  For example, Lauren Middledorf, runs a very successful blog called It’s All Good … Continue reading Bringing Stores Online

Pinterest Takes Flight

Pack your bags because Pinterest just got a lot more useful!  Advertising on Pinterest is not solely for products, it can also be used to promote services.  Advertisers and marketers are starting to realize that Pinterest is being used for major life planning, which requires these specific services.  Users turn to Pinterest to create a space where all of their hopes and dreams can be … Continue reading Pinterest Takes Flight

Wedding Pinspiration

When people think of Pinterest, the first thing that usually comes to mind is wedding planning.  Pinterest has become the online version of flipping through magazines and ripping out pages for inspiration.  Now, women all across the world are using it to bookmark their wedding ideas all in one place.  An advantage that Pinterest capitalizes on is that it is completely personalized.  Each board tells … Continue reading Wedding Pinspiration

Reach and Audience

One of the biggest factors when creating an online presence as a marketer, is knowing the statistics behind the platform. Knowing the popularity of the platform, the demographic of users, and the frequency at which those users visit the site, are helpful when weighing out the pros and cons of utilizing a specific platform for advertising.   Pinterest is a well-known social media platform in … Continue reading Reach and Audience