Traffic Worth Sitting In

One of the prevailing themes throughout all of the research conducted on Pinterest and its positive uses is its undeniable success with network referral. It has not only allowed long-term social engagement and interaction with consumers within the site, but has also helped increase the traffic to the home-pages of the brand. It stands second to Facebook as the top social networking site for driving … Continue reading Traffic Worth Sitting In

Beauty-ful Pins

By now, marketers have seen the effects Pinterest has had on consumers and the stickiness the website has created for many companies. Brand messages have shown that not only are they viewed, but they are also saved, pinned, and bought shortly after. Whether online or in stores, users are following up on pins, and with advertising on Pinterest, inspiring people and bringing their own ideas to … Continue reading Beauty-ful Pins

Food Is Where The Heart Is

Visual marketing is a key part in today’s social media world. Showing users what your brand is about and what you have to offer is where it all begins. On Pinterest, a consumer’s first impression is one that will indeed last a lifetime. This is why with branding food, it is not just about the recipes or about what you are posting, but rather what … Continue reading Food Is Where The Heart Is

Why Separation Can Lead to Success

The constantly changing and evolving technologies of the 21st century allow for users to pick and choose what they want. From the sites they choose to shop on, the places they share information, and the platforms that connect them to millions of other users, the consumer is the main concern for advertising professionals. When it comes to spending your dollar in a place where you … Continue reading Why Separation Can Lead to Success