Tim Henderson

Hailing from Massachusetts, Tim Henderson is an avid graphic designer and an aspiring advertiser. He spent two years learning to use the Adobe suite, and has spent a further two years expanding his talents in a professional environment at the Creative Services offices of his college, James Madison University. This is Tim’s first Blog, and he has found it to be an engaging challenge and learning opportunity. Tim enjoys skiing in the winter, rock climbing in the summer, and hip-hop, men’s fashion, and b-movies year round.


Ellie White

Ellie is a sophomore Media Arts & Design student, focused on Creative Advertising, with a minor in the Music Industry. Ellie is most passionate about anything visual. She focused in on this aspect in her blog by working with the eye-catching visuals that attract the reader. She is currently the Secretary of the JMU Club Tennis team and one of her duties is to design the apparel for all members. When she is not planning apparel, she enjoys bringing her visual imagery to life with her short films. During her free time, she works with her GoPro, her Canon Camera, and her favorite editing tool, Final Cut Pro X, in which she hopes to eventually master. Ellie thrives off of her spontaneity and her willingness to try new things. She is one you’ll always find trying something out of the ordinary, which ultimately leads her to her creativity.


Kelly Vahos

Kelly Vahos is currently a sophomore at James Madison University who is studying creative advertising with a minor in sports communication. She is a member of the JMU Volleyball team and the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. While much time is devoted to athletics, Kelly can be found on her computer working through different software programs that can be used in the advertising industry. She used this curiosity throughout this blog, paying much attention to minor details and figuring out how to fix technical  problems. She found this blog exciting to work on because it provided her with more team experience, and helped her identifying related benefits for a certain platform. Some things she enjoys are volunteering at local animal shelters, sand volleyball, and photography.


Suzanne Kozak

Suzanne Kozak is a sophomore at James Madison University.  She majors in Media Arts and Design, with a minor in Creative Writing, which lead her to be a copywriter and project manager for this blog.  Her hometown of Richmond, Virginia is crawling with advertising agencies, and has inspired her lifelong dream of working at The Martin Agency.  Her Creative Writing minor gives her a keen eye and ear with words, which have carefully proofread just about every inch of this entire site.  In her free time, she enjoys binge watching Coca-Cola commercials and editing photos for her sorority’s official Instagram site.  Besides attempting to be a trendy teen on Tumblr, this was Suzanne’s first shot at a professional-style blog.


Elise Ferguson

Elise Ferguson is currently a junior in college majoring in Creative Advertising with a minor in Human Resource Development. Elise’s classes and projects at James Madison University continue to push her outside her academic and creative comfort zone. Many of her projects focus on acclimating her to the latest software programs relevant to the advertising industry. This project was Elise’s first time using WordPress. She mainly contributed with brainstorming relevant writing points/ ideas with her team members, proofreading work, and creating visual continuity. In her free time she enjoys keeping up with new social media platforms and reading. She finds herself paying especially close attention to advertisements relating to the music industry such as the Apple Ipod campaign.