Traffic Worth Sitting In

One of the prevailing themes throughout all of the research conducted on Pinterest and its positive uses is its undeniable success with network referral. It has not only allowed long-term social engagement and interaction with consumers within the site, but has also helped increase the traffic to the home-pages of the brand. It stands second to Facebook as the top social networking site for driving e-commerce traffic. And with the use of promoted pins it’s easy to see dramatic increases in traffic, awareness, and engagement, which is exactly what Pinterest is there to do for retailers.

Businesses Dot & Bo and Adore Me are both success stories that are crucial to the storytelling of how Pinterest and promoted pins have helped increase traffic. Dot & Bo, a furniture retailer, has become one of the most successful brands to have social traffic driven to their homepage from Pinterest, with an overwhelming 73.4% increase. With the use of Promoted pins, they saw an 18000% increase in average daily clicks to their site from Pinterest. Adore Me, a high-end lingerie monthly subscription service, increased total traffic by 2600% from Pinterest alone, and also experienced a 50% higher click to purchase rate through Promoted Pins.

Pinterest is driving people to act and spend. And when you can push Pinterest users to retailers homepages, and turn awareness into action, you have a successful relationship between brand and platform. 


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