Pinterest Builds Brand Loyalty

Pinterest does a great job at allowing brands to connect with existing consumers by helping to continually expand and advance the established relationship. This helps businesses see the transformation that an average consumer goes through to result in them evolving into a brand loyal consumer. A recent study by Deloitte just shows how much having a digital and mobile presence, such as a Pinterest account, affects actual in-store sales. In 2012, businesses with a digital presence influenced $0.33 trillion dollars of in-store sales. In 2014 that number rose to $1.7 trillion dollars. Pinterest can help all types of businesses continue to connect with existing consumers, and ultimately increases the number of consumers that consider themselves loyal, exclusively to a specific brand, ultimately increasing overall sales.

Having a Pinterest account is an effective and beneficial way for a brand to create or increase their digital and mobile presence. A study that focused on consumers using digital devices while making purchasing decisions found that 33% of these consumers spent more money because of a product’s digital presence. Often these digital using consumers found they spent more money because they were able to perform easier and more efficient product research. Pinterest could play a huge role in product research and comparison because if the consumer saw a product being pinned by someone they follow and trust on Pinterest he or she would feel more inclined to believe it’s a reliable product.

Pinterest is also a great way to maintain a relationship with consumers without making them feeling like they are just being forced to view more advertisements. Pinterest allows a brand to project more how their products or services could be used and desirable to a consumer’s lifestyle. The brand has the ability to create a board that appeals to a very specific type of consumer and could confidently know it would interest them. Maintaining consumers’ interest and trust is crucial because that person would become much more likely to form a brand loyalty habit for your products. Once a consumer is brand loyal they will become less price sensitive because they value the product enough. There will also be a higher chance of them recommending a product or brand to a friend and becoming a positive word-of-mouth participant. Incorporating Pinterest and thus benefitting from its many usages, can help any business lock in brand loyal customers and maintain steady relationships.


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