All-Purpose Pinterest

Brands are always looking for the newest, greatest platform to advertise on and with the competition so fierce, each platform plans strategically on how their platform will supersede others. Pinterest, an app that first launched in 2010, was purely built on sharing photos, learning new DIY crafts, and inspiring others through visual content; however, Pinterest actually has endless purposes. Pinterest can be even used as a business tool, a way to educate students and motivate them to get more involved. It’s a tool to teach people creativity and it often yields clever conversation.

A professor at Franke College was exploring ways in which he could get his students more engaged in his computer information class, and he experimented with the use of Pinterest. He assigned his students an assignment in which they had to create a Pinterest Board on their motivations in life. Professor Amer said that interactivity improved and conversations quickly became very student-driven.

Pinterest even allows for charitable projects. HelpIn, a Pinterest page that displays environments in which people are desperately in need, encourages users to purchase items that families have lost in well-known natural disaster, Hurricane Sandy. Each product you click on instantly takes you to the Amazon website and allows you to purchase an item that is sent immediately to the families in need.

Pinterest’s versatility is what makes it so successful. It’s ability to venture out of being strictly a visual sharing platform makes it prosperous in terms of all of its users using it for different reasons. Pinterests’ new location data technology allows you to find your ideal destination and create memories, their visual imagery allows the user to create your own portfolio, and its simplicity and communication ability makes it easy to go back and forth with clients and advertise your brand. Its versatility is endless.


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