Pinterest – The Total Package

One of the greatest advantages of using Pinterest to present a brand’s message and advertise to the public, is that this platform opens a door of interactivity.  After looking through multiple case studies of either a company or an individual’s experiences using Pinterest, there is no doubt that it is a completely integrated strategy.  Both small businesses and large corporate companies can utilize Pinterest in a cost-effective way, and reach their ultimate goals of increasing their sales.  Pinterest is unique because of the way customers feel when they are on the site.  It is a hub for inspiration, and a safe place for customers to go and search out exactly what they are looking for.  It has a very laid-back feel that does not pressure users into buying products.  Pinterest allows customers to be in control, but at the same time, they are fully intertwined in a brand’s promotion tactics.

Social media has become a new wave for PR practices and marketing around the globe. At first, most people were skeptical of using social media as a platform for advertising and marketing.  Now, platforms like Pinterest are thriving in the 21st century, as consumers find themselves searching for the next best thing right from their own computers at home.  Pinterest has the full package, it is pressure-free, specific to the individual user, and provides endless opportunities for businesses to promote their products.

Promotions via Pinterest is the next big thing, as brands look for ways to get their name out there.  Companies now reach out to influencers on the web to promote their products or services, and some companies, such as American Airlines hold their own promotions to increase interactivity between the company and its customers.  While doing so they are increasing sales at the same time.  There is a huge push for connections made for, and by the consumers, which is why influencers and user-generated content are so vital to a brand’s success nowadays.  Influencers become a representation of brands and consumers trust their opinions.  Users also enjoy anything that they can contribute to. When those connections are made, the customer loyalty increases as well.  It’s the perfect blend for online marketing.


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