Beauty-ful Pins

By now, marketers have seen the effects Pinterest has had on consumers and the stickiness the website has created for many companies. Brand messages have shown that not only are they viewed, but they are also saved, pinned, and bought shortly after. Whether online or in stores, users are following up on pins, and with advertising on Pinterest, inspiring people and bringing their own ideas to life is what it’s all about. It has even been found that 88% of pinners find new ideas through Pinterest and that’s why with beauty, one of the most important brands to look at, is Sephora.

Sephora has created a beauty empire, with its hand selected products and exclusive lines, it is the perfect place for beauty junkies to run to. With a high population of female users and a whopping 51% of the hair and beauty followers planning for future purchases on Pinterest, its easy to see how Sephora’s success is no surprise. Their target audience is at their fingertips, and they have allowed finding the right hair & beauty products to be quick and easy through their strategic messages.

One example of a successful strategy employed by Sephora was the creation of the “It List” board. It allowed for Sephora staff to give their own take on products, tips, and tricks. It paved the way for a meaningful relationship with consumers which in term led to more spending. Studies found that the Pinterest user spends 15 times more money on than a Facebook Sephora fan. This means users are listening and trusting the words of the people within the company.


Beauty is only one out of the many topics Pinterest covers. It is one of the easier business ventures to succeed in with its willing and versatile audience who are always looking to try new products and ideas.


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