UNIQLO’s Unique Marketing

When planning to market on Pinterest, or any of the other platforms that make up the wild west that is the internet, there is far less history and example data to draw from than there is for older media, such as radio or television. Effective methods for advertising online retain the same basic principles of advertising in any other way, but they must be adapted to a new environment not quite like anything seen before. This pool of data is quick growing however, and stand out examples of excellent online marketing are already rearing their heads across multiple platforms, including Pinterest. One such company that has twice now made waves with their Pinterest campaigns is Japanese fashion brand UNIQLO.

In 2012, UNIQLO was looking to expand awareness of its brand in America markets with little to no cost. The brand chose to do this by exploiting Pinterest’s pins in a way no one had ever tried before. When scrolling through the sites feed, pins often start to blend together, but UNIQLO wanted to grab attention and shock users out of their reverie. Using over 100 accounts, the brands social media team simultaneously posted groups of extreme length images that each combined to form one enormous and dynamic banner that took up several screen lengths. UNIQLO was the first company to exploit the pinning system like this, to great effect. This method is no longer effective however, as Pinterest has since modified its feed so that extra large pins must be actively expanded by the user.

Undiscouraged, UNIQLO once again made waves in 2014 with its HairDo campaign. The brand wanted to introduce its new line of clothing, but in conjunction with marketing agency Projector they decided that it was more important to engage with what the community was currently interested in than to directly push their clothing. The campaign team found that the most popular trend on Pinterest at the time was do-it-yourself hairdos. In order to tap into this public interest, UNIQLO and Projector created a series of how-to infographics for 16 unique hairstyles that were paired with complementary outfits created by the fashion brand. This offered users a head to toe look at how to pull off the style, and showed them they could replicate it themselves by purchasing UNIQLO’s clothing.

UNIQLO’s success on Pinterest is no accident. Through creative and innovative thinking, they created new ways to use the site that it had never even been intended for. Their HairDo campaign was even the recipient of an Interactive Bronze Pencil Award from The One Club. Their way of thinking is undoubtedly a model for advertising in the expanding online world today.


Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 8.53.45 PM


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