Fitspiration, a relatively new social media trend focused on promoting overall health and fitness has recently become a new, popular phenomenon when searching online on ways to improve your overall fitness. Fitspiration messages often appear on many different social media platforms, especially Pinterest. The image-oriented platform provides messages that are supposed to be encouraging; however, some viewers take the information personally, viewing the images as unrealistic, but idealized body images. The Pinterest messages are either categorized based upon appearance or health. They are also arranged to demonstrate the Social Cognitive Theory constructs : standards, behaviors, and outcome experiences. All of this being said, many Pinterest users take these messages as inspiration and motivation to improve their lifestyles and successfully achieve their fitness goals. This increasing interest in athletic activity results in an overall increase in fitness retail.

Popsugar Fitness inspires all readers to live a happy, balanced lifestyle, while giving tips on exercise, gear, and diet. Popsugar Fitness is a good example to represent a sub-brand, a brand that has more followers than its original profile. Their Popsugar fitness brand balances well off of their website,, as many people view products on their Pinterest boards and head over to the website shortly after.

L.L Bean, similarly, uses a clever approach in not focusing in on their products, but aggressively targeting their customers instead. When it comes to Pinterest boards, L.L Bean, being a very active brand, focuses on physical activity and adventure. They focus on things such as “Outdoor Fun” to fishing. This brand gives off a type of lifestyle choice that you have the opportunity to join. It’s a bonding experience with others of similar interests.




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