Your Ideal Destination Awaits

Pinterest plays a key role in people’s lives when it comes to the process of making travel decisions. Restaurants, festivals, popular venues, or any popular tourist destinations all gain popularity from the web with their compelling visuals. Pinterest, unlike other social media platforms, plays into the future. Its soul purpose is not to look back on what you’ve done, but what you aspire to do. There is a single moment where the destination goes from a recognition to simply, something you want to put onto your bucket list and experience for yourself.

Pinterest recently made an advancement of capturing location data from all users who are using the Place Pins Service, making every pin show where it lives on the map. The pins will now include directions, contact information, store hours, and reviews. Users pin up to 1.5 million destinations daily. That being said, Pinterest wants to make traveling easy for their users and this is a clever idea allowing it easy for people to discover and take action on their potential vacation spots. If you’re touring a certain area and taking photos, you can immediately post those photos, along with directions on a map. It creates a visual for the user, while also creating a memory. You now have the ability to remember where you were when capturing a certain moment in time.

Budget Travel, a website focused on inspiring all travels with photography, blogs, ideas, tips, exclusive deals, uses Pinterest to promote their website. One of their posts consists of where to visit in 2016, giving users a quick and easy way to find their next destination. From there, you’re able to look for the most popular attractions to visit during your vacation experience. Once someone clicks on one thing, it just leads to more. Whether it’s your ideal road trip, the coolest towns to visit, or the best bar to buy a drink from, all the information is right at your fingertips.


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