Picturing Paradise

In today’s day in age the Internet is the primary source of information about all the different types of traveling dos and don’ts. Prospective tourists are becoming more and more influenced by photos of all aspects of future vacations on social networking sites (SNSs), as opposed to just destination marketing organizations (DMOs) websites. Perceived images are shared by tourists on sites such as Pinterest and influence potential tourists just as much as projected images shared on DMO websites. It is crucial for DMOs to use and incorporate travel photos shared by tourists on Pinterest to their advantage with promotion and advertising.

A recent trend  among DMO websites is the switch from informational or text-based features to more imagery based features. This is because the finding that visual imagery is most effective at conveying information to viewers. Images resonate more with peoples’ existing impressions, attitudes, and memories than text or sound. Pictures pinned by any of the 69 million Pinterest users in the U.S. express their aspirations, which directly aid in revealing users’ demographics and psychographics. Unlike other SNSs, Pinterest focuses on where users want to go in the future, giving those DMO websites that use photos from SNSs leverage in decision planning.

Photos found on a user’s board can provide insight and useful information to a DMO trying to better understand a specific type of potential tourist. It also helps see what he or she is particularly interested in seeing, learning about, and most importantly spending money on when choosing their next vacation. DMO executives can also have an inside look at what visitors have chosen to share from past trips and which of these pictures were the most popular to repin by other users. This could be especially helpful when it comes to DMOs being sure to highlight new dining options, excursions, or performances around a given resort or destination area.


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