How To Hotel

Pinterest isn’t used to waste time or just aimlessly search things that please the eye. It is used to seek inspiration, cultivate creativity, and helps consumers understand who you are as a brand. That is why when it comes to planning a vacation or short trip, users are looking to find out not only what you as a hotel look like on the inside, but what is going on around you and your location. Creating a vision of the future is where it all starts for selling your hotel.

It begins with creating an image that spans all topics of interest. These can be things from your property, the surrounding area, the companies you partner with, or things to do. The Lafayette Hotel in San Diego created a board devoted to the San Diego area, with plenty of activities like best places to photograph to best fish tacos around. The hotel wanted the user to see why not only coming to San Diego was a great choice, but why they were the best option once in town.

Creating content to set onesself apart also makes for great branding. Showcasing how and why you are different from the hotel down the street is something worth creating a board or pin for. Maybe if it’s your accessibility to a beach, or your incredible venue for weddings, people want to know why they should pick you. With nearly 80% of Pinterest’s user base as female, hotel marketers should take into account the fact that women make 70% of the traveling decisions in their family.

The Four Seasons has created over 81 profiles on Pinterest for their hotels and resorts around the world. One of their most successful ventures was creating the Pin.Pack.Go. campaign.  This allowed the user to browse through a personalized side to an otherwise businesslike process of hotel browsing. What Four Seasons encouraged was for the user to create a board and then invite the Four Seasons hotel you were staying at to collaborate and give their own personal advice. This allowed for direct contact with a representative who would work with the consumer to perfect their trip, and show the company cared. Since its launch, Four Seasons saw a 525% increase in followers to their main account.

With hotel branding on Pinterest, it’s all about showcasing the experience. The personal contact people have with their surrounding area, the food, the adventurous outings, and the people. Giving the user a feel of the future is not only the hotels goal, but is Pinterest’s focal point.


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