Pin a Picture

Pinterest users often use the site’s visual content as a source of inspiration when event planning. These events range anywhere from weddings to baby showers to charity balls. One specific type of business service incorporated in these diverse types of events is photography, thus photographers benefit from utilizing Pinterest to market themselves. A professional photographer who incorporates Pinterest into his or her online presence broadens their opportunity of attracting potential consumers. Pinterest can better help professional photographers book more clients and increase website traffic.

Pinterest allows users to search for photography that reflects the style they are looking for, while also informing the user who the photographer was. Essentially the user gains inspiration with the information about the image. Much of Pinterest’s popularity is built off of the fact that users can browse and navigate all the site’s displayed imagery without the pressure of it being surrounded by prices and numbers. This site allows users to express and seek out their authentic desires. One study finds that it produces an enriching experience that makes users feel connected with their culture and valued traditions. This could serve as a major advantage for a photographer who is discovered on such a personal platform.

The more a photographer’s work gets pinned, the bigger their audience becomes. This also helps brand the photographer and spread their name, which will help increase name recognition. The most common activity on Pinterest is to repin content posted by others so clients browsing for photographers can find boards or pins repinned by users that have similar tastes in photography needs. If a photographer adds more content, his or her number of followers will increase at a faster rate. By adding pins after every session, a photographer will have a sizable portfolio featured on Pinterest. This will lead potential clients wanting to see their main website to check out more work, learn more about the photographer, and perhaps book a session.


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