Pin at Home for the Holidays

As holidays approach, people are often left at a loss for how to prepare. What gifts do I buy? What decorations do I want? Often, it’s difficult to know where to start, but anyone that uses Pinterest knows exactly where to go. An astounding 93% of users rely on the platform for planning and purchasing, and 67% insist on its necessity in preparing for holiday shopping and decorating. And all those users buying things? They typically spend twice as much as the general public. This uniquely shopping based social media platform is undoubtedly the online advertisers holy grail, a fact that is made undeniable by its 500% lead over any other platform in driving in-store sales.

It’s not only the user culture that makes holiday advertising on Pinterest effective- the platform itself has provided a number of tools for advertisers to use that are extremely helpful with both data gathering and putting ads out there. One such tool is Pinterest Analytics, which takes the millions of data points constantly being generated and organizes them so that businesses can see exactly what their target audience is interested in, and how to reach them most efficiently. Once they’re ready to begin sharing content, companies can then use features such as Pinterest Analytics, another advertising tool offered by the platform. For a fee, pins can be given a boost to ensure they frequently show up in any relevant area. While targeted advertising may not be unique to Pinterest, there is a noted benefit to choosing this platform to do it on- over 70% of sales from these promoted pins are from new customers. This reach is unparalleled by any other social media platform, making Pinterest the place to go for finding new audiences.

With additional tools that companies can add to both their Pinterest posts (such as Buyable Pins, which allow users to purchase directly from pins), and to their own websites (any site can make their content savable to a user’s Pinterest board), Pinterest is geared up and ready to help companies promote holiday inspiration and shopping. This past Christmas, Walgreens decided to put the platforms capabilities to the test with a video ad campaign that focused on ‘small gifting.’ Walgreens’ goal was to associate themselves with secondary gifts, such as those given to teachers or mailmen during the holiday season. Although the success of this recent campaign is not yet public knowledge, company representatives confirm that Walgreens has connected best with Pinterest users during previous holiday seasons.


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