Wedding Pinspiration

When people think of Pinterest, the first thing that usually comes to mind is wedding planning.  Pinterest has become the online version of flipping through magazines and ripping out pages for inspiration.  Now, women all across the world are using it to bookmark their wedding ideas all in one place.  An advantage that Pinterest capitalizes on is that it is completely personalized.  Each board tells its own story, which reflects the interests of the user.  Brides can now use the site to pull together ideas, such as color schemes, venues, flower arrangements, and even search for the perfect white gown. Companies ranging from private wedding planners to bakeries have utilized Pinterest to interact with potential customers and clients, and use the information they gain from them to create content that appeals to the majority of users.  

For example, the owner of Calder Clark Wedding Planner, headquartered in South Carolina, uses Pinterest to her advantage.  She has created boards and portfolios that showcase her work, but what is so special about her is that she updates her boards herself, which is crucial in the business world.  Consistency is the key to being successful, and her personalized approach makes for a very raw, yet sophisticated representation of her company.  People love to see content coming directly from the owner, which in turn allows for a deeper relationship between the company and the consumers.  

A Pinterest case study surrounding Green Wedding Shoes is a true success story.  Green Wedding Shoes is a bridal company whose goal is to interact with its customers to create an easy way for them to re-pin and save their content directly to their own personal boards.  When they can see what their customers are re-pinning, it gives them the feedback they need to continue to provide content that is going to resonate with their customers.  In order to increase interactivity with their customers, they also host contests and promotions that appeal to their audience.

These few companies showcase how useful Pinterest has been in their business endeavors. Just by simply posting photos into a portfolio, or creating boards that users can re-pin, is essentially a form of free advertising for the company.  It is a give and take between companies and their audience.  Users get inspiration and these companies then receive potential customers who have spread their messages with the click of a button. Even larger bridal companies, such as David’s Bridal, are looking towards this more nontraditional style of advertising as opposed to the 30 second commercial airing during TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress.  Wedding planning just got a lot more fun for everyone!


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