Pin Your Dream Home

Imagine looking at a dirty, rustic white door for the past three years, wondering when you would have the courage to approach it with a pair of fresh eyes. One might look for help at a furniture store or a Home-Depot, but another consumer may want look deeper, searching for their ideal type of decor that would specifically suit them. Pinterest has access to thousands of ideas displayed right before your eyes, leaving one image leading you to another.

Pinterest makes you believe that you’re capable of doing anything. This platform is the home for decor. 43 percent of users use Pinterest to remodel their homes. Instead of hiring someone to come take a look at your furniture or your room in general, you can just type in a few keywords of what you’re looking for, click on an image and immediately get linked to a website that allows you to make a purchase. This seems like a much quicker option than the alternative.

The decorative aspect of Pinterest is crucial for consumers, considering the majority of people exploring on Pinterest are looking for DIY crafts and ideas. Homepolish, a personal interior decorating service built to customize to your unique style, is known for its promise to all customers. They promise flexibility, qualified designers, straightforward communication, reliable customer relationships and convenience.

Pinterest fit Homepolish to a tee. It is a very visual brand, as is the Pinterest platform, so both complement each other. The brand displays stylish work spaces in hopes of giving consumers the ultimate virtual, yet attainable experience. Homepolish has noticed that their audience prefers DIY crafts and unusual room layouts, so they try to keep their boards updates with those. Homepolish quickly gained more than 26,000 followers after creating their fashionably elegant and sophisticated boards.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 8.51.03 PM
Homepolish Boards

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