Food Is Where The Heart Is

Visual marketing is a key part in today’s social media world. Showing users what your brand is about and what you have to offer is where it all begins. On Pinterest, a consumer’s first impression is one that will indeed last a lifetime. This is why with branding food, it is not just about the recipes or about what you are posting, but rather what it looks like and the feeling that the user will receive. Users will click on what gets their attention and typically go with what looks to have the best results for their event or occasion. It gives a competitive edge in a rather overwhelming market.

Pinterest is known for increasing traffic, engagement, and awareness to brands, and one that does it very well is Kraft’s foods. Through energizing photographs, detailed research, and increased focus on the consumer, the number one source of referral traffic back to is Pinterest. You can see this first hand through their boards, pins, and repins. To understand what goes on within the board we need to look at the goal they had in mind while creating it. According to Dana Shank, associate director of CRM content strategy and media monetization at Krafts, their number one priority was content performance.  Through research on pins, saves, and data from across multiple social channels, Krafts collected data on what their users wanted, rather than putting what the brand wanted to showcase. This research then began to create content.

Content creation was then focused on the photography aspect. Of course Pinterest is led by visuals and the idea of online scrapbooking, so what better way to create an engaging brand on this platform than through beautiful photos? Kraft knew this would be a place to focus some time, hence Shank’s importance on well-lit photographs. And with food as the #1 searched content throughout all of Pinterest, you may ask yourself why does having well lit photos matter? Well every detail counts if you want to be one of the top Pinterest pages
With 57% of Pinterest users interacting with food related content, it puts a high price on branding yourself and your products. Professionals in the field of advertising can depend on Pinterest to reach an audience willing and excited about the content they are looking to create.


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