Why Separation Can Lead to Success

The constantly changing and evolving technologies of the 21st century allow for users to pick and choose what they want. From the sites they choose to shop on, the places they share information, and the platforms that connect them to millions of other users, the consumer is the main concern for advertising professionals. When it comes to spending your dollar in a place where you know it will not go to waste, you can count on Pinterest.  Pinterest allows users to connect to brands and find things they want to use, share, have, and make. It brings people’s dreams, ideas, and aspirations to life with a simple search.

A difference between Pinterest and other social media platforms is its focus on the future of the user, not the day to day activities. Most other platforms allow the consumer to post about themselves and their daily lives in realtime. Although with Pinterest there is a lack of personal touch to people’s accounts, which makes it so unique and interesting. It is almost strictly about what people want to make, buy, or gift for themselves or people they care about. And personal descriptions and photos are almost never to be found. In a study conducted by the International Journal of Advertising, they found that out of 2,291 pictures on Pinterest not a single photo was of the user or their life, but sourced from other Pinterest pages and/or the web. This leads to the next point of separation. 

Business is essential on Pinterest as described by Michael Akkerman, the head of Marketing and Developer of Partnerships for Pinterest. He discussed the difference between Pinterest and other platforms by saying how it bridges the online and offline gap. When users step away from the computer or phone they go about their daily lives typically without much thought to items or products found on other platforms. But with Pinterest, nearly 9 in 10 users are pinning and searching to decide what to buy. They are creating wish lists and looking towards future events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. Michael also states how 75% of their 50 billion pins come from brands. Roughly 55% of users are using Pinterest as a platform for shopping. This statistic shows how Pinterest is a platform that stresses E-commerce, rather than social networking. With Pinterest it is easier to see what motivates and drives certain individuals or large groups of people, because they are pinning exactly what they are interested in.

Social media and its platforms have become an integral part of modern society and a very important tool to many advertising and marketing professionals. It gives consumers and users ways to connect with people, ideas, and products and talk about the past, present, and future. With Pinterest, you have a loyal consumer base of 47.1 million with a demographic that is broad and looking to spend money. For advertising and marketing professionals, Pinterest is the place to be.


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