Reach and Audience

One of the biggest factors when creating an online presence as a marketer, is knowing the statistics behind the platform. Knowing the popularity of the platform, the demographic of users, and the frequency at which those users visit the site, are helpful when weighing out the pros and cons of utilizing a specific platform for advertising.  

Pinterest is a well-known social media platform in this day in age, and is the second largest social media platform, behind Facebook, according to the number of users. Although Pinterest has a strong number of users, it does not necessarily mean that those users are as active as others may be.  Pinterest falls under the same category as Instagram and Twitter, but it is not used as frequently. Instagram and Twitter are used daily by most people, but Pinterest is still used weekly by 31% of its users.  

Knowing how often Pinterest is being used, it is important to be aware of who are the faces behind the screen.  It is a fact that women use Pinterest more than men.  The largest group of users range from ages 18 to 29, those in college and out of college.  Most users come from suburban areas, such as young adult women and their mothers searching for dinner recipes online.  When it comes to millennials, competition between other platforms can be grueling, but Pinterest’s president, Tim Kendall, has no worries as Snapchat and other social media sites are just as successful as Pinterest.  Pinterest also has a leg up, as it reaches more young female users than most other platforms.

Pinterest is already a hub for online shoppers, and is a perfect place to implement advertisements and brand marketing messages.  55% of Pinterest users log-on to search or shop for products, and 75% of the content that is re-pinned comes directly from the brands themselves. Pinterest has become the perfect spot to reach consumers across the globe.  

As we move into 2017, Pinterest has announced their expansion of keyword based buying search, which will accommodate for the two billion searches generated monthly on the site.  It seems that Pinterest will be giving Google a run for their money.


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