Pinterest Versatility

Pinterest comes across as a simplistic platform, a platform where users can introduce, curate, and share their interests. The feature of having the ability to either like or re-pin content gives the viewers options. The flexibility of this platform gives users a space where they don’t necessarily feel pressured to keep a constant feed, but can if that’s what their objective is. Does the user consider themselves an explorer or a creator? Pinterest gives people this freedom to choose. Some people view Pinterest as simply a place to visit during their leisurely time, but others take it more seriously, hoping to gain a sufficient amount of followers to share their content with.

The boards on Pinterest provide ways for the user to organize their pins. By separating pins into specialized boards, the user is able to keep their interests separate and well-organized. There is a large amount of different content that is readily available to explore, so the boards make it easier for a potential customer to pursue those pins further. If a consumer is looking for a specific post, the boards make everything easier to locate. When a user sees something that appeals to them, the user will re-pin that pin onto their page. This quickly turns into a pin that represents them and their interests. If the user wants to know more about the image, each pin that was added by using the toolbar button, links back to the site it was pinned from. On the other hand, if someone feels attached to a photo, but not to the point of sharing it with their followers, liking the photo is often a better option. Pins are ultimately a selection of images serving as visual reminders of what the pinner loves. The beauty of Pinterest is that the social interaction can be as minimal as you please. The user can pursue this platform to satisfy their personal uses or their professional uses.

Pinterest is looking to bring new search ads to their search engine. When a Pinterest user is active, they usually don’t know exactly what they’re looking for, or do they have a specific interest; however, there is a sufficient amount of commercial intent in the search engines. Search ads on Pinterest will enable marketing partners to reach those unsure customers when they are in discovery mode. This expanded feature is not yet available; however, when it is, people will be able to narrow down their searches while focusing in on something more specific.

Pinterest can be viewed anywhere, at anytime. It can be used on a various amount of devices. In fact, 93% of its users actually use Pinterest on their mobile devices, making it readily available for a majority of users throughout their day. The overall flexibility of Pinterest attracts users to this platform, making them more likely to advance their presence as potential consumers.


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